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  • Reconstruction of the Seekarspitzbahn
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  • SB-Restaurant Kringsalm, Skigebiet Obertauern
    Self-Service Restaurant
  • Après-Ski-Lounge with DJs
  • Happy New Year 2017
    New Year Eve 2017 - Kringsalm Thanks a lot to all our guests and to the whole KringsalmTeam for this...
  • 60 years Krings Company
    We want to say thank you and celebrate with you! We say thank you to all ourguests staff business partnersfor 60 years you...
  • Skiweek 2017
    SkiWeek 2017 - we are on fire   For the 5th time we are hosting the SKIWEEK and we are very...
  • Eröffnung der neuen Seekarspitzbahn mit LH Wilfried Haslauer
  • Winter 2017
    This was our season 16/17 Allthoug the season started with only little snow it ended with great conditions troughout the whole...
  • Carneval 2017
    Carneval 2017 - Kringsalm goes Minions This years theme -  Kringsalm goes Minions  has already been great fun while making...
  • Silvester 2016
    Silvester 2016 - Kringsalm Thanks a lot. We had a great evening and a perfekt start into the NEW YEAR. We...
  • Skiweek 2016
    SkiWeek 2016 - lets get the Party started This year we were hosting the ski week for the 3rd time....
  • Alpenglühn 2016
    Alpenglühn 2016 - Kringsalm This April we hostet 2 events from the legendary "Alpenglühen" Even though the weather was not that...
  • Carneval 2016
    Carneval 2016 - Wild, wild Kringsalm This year our motto was Wild KringsALM and therefore we dressed up for you. Cowboys,...
  • New Year 2015
    New Year 2015 - It was a blast, good food, good music, good people. _MG_7752Silvester_MG_7766Silvester_MG_7776SilvesterIMG_7715SilvesterIMG_7794Silvester 2015IMG_7788Silvester 2015IMG_7792Silvester 2015IMG_7781Silvester 2015IMG_7784Silvester 2015IMG_7793Silvester...
  • Events in der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Ski Week 2015
    Ski Week 2015
    We Love Ski Week 2015 This year Ski Week was, yet again, a complete success! Young people from all over the...
  • Housemannskost auf der Kringsalm, Après-Ski-Lounge & Party in Obertauern
    Ski Week 2014
    Ski Week 2014 For the first time we hosted the Ski Week at the Kringsalm. From all over the world...
  • Events in der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Fasching 2015
    Carnival 2015
    Carnival 2015 - Beatlesmania and the 60s at Kringsalm This year we celebrated Carnival at Kringsalm im Skigebiet Obertauern - in complete accordance with...
  • Eröffnung Kringsalm 2014
    Nach einem Ereignisreichen Sommer feierten wir im Dezember die Wiedereröffnung der  Kringsalm im Skigebiet Obertauern. Nach dem Komplettumbau erstrahlt...
  • News von der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Umbau 2014
    Renovation in Summer 2014
    News von der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Umbau 2014News von der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Umbau 2014News von der Kringsalm, Obertauern...
  • Carneval 2014 - Rockabilli
    Carneval 2014 IMG_3079Fasching 2014IMG_3082Fasching 2014IMG_3086Fasching 2014IMG_3087Fasching 2014IMG_3105Fasching 2014IMG_3106Fasching 2014IMG_3108Fasching 2014IMG_3109Fasching 2014IMG_3136Fasching 2014IMG_3152Fasching 2014IMG_3176Fasching 2014IMG_3200Fasching 2014IMG_3210Fasching 2014IMG_3215Fasching 2014IMG_3231Fasching 2014IMG_3313Fasching 2014IMG_3315Fasching 2014IMG_3316Fasching...
  • Carneval 2013
    News von der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Umbau 2014IMG_1385Fasching 2013IMG_0610Fasching 2013IMG_0614Fasching 2013IMG_0618Fasching 2013IMG_0621Fasching 2013IMG_0623Fasching 2013IMG_0630Fasching 2013IMG_0640Fasching 2013IMG_0649Fasching 2013IMG_0655Fasching 2013IMG_0657Fasching 2013IMG_0659Fasching...
  • Kringsalm - changing seasons
    IMG_0707Herbst_MG_2018Winter_MG_2025Winter_MG_2031Winter_MG_2067MG_2067_MG_2070Winter_MG_2548Winter_MG_2552Winter_MG_3099MG_3099_MG_3109MG_3109_MG_3111MG_3111_MG_3113MG_3113_MG_3121MG_3121_MG_3130MG_3130_MG_9610MG_961016967DSC07625WinterDSC07628WinterDSC07630WinterIMG_0032WinterIMG_0516IMG_0532IMG_0575IMG_0626IMG_0628IMG_0707IMG_07071IMG_1021WinterIMG_1023WinterIMG_1024WinterIMG_1046WinterIMG_1050IMG_1055IMG_1297WinterIMG_1306WinterIMG_1603IMG_1998IMG_2127IMG_2143IMG_2152IMG_2395WinterIMG_2456IMG_2457IMG_2466IMG_2468IMG_2563IMG_2564IMG_2565IMG_2568IMG_2726IMG_2729IMG_2730IMG_2738IMG_2984IMG_2987IMG_2988IMG_2990IMG_2992IMG_29921IMG_3153IMG_3163IMG_3164IMG_3176IMG_3496WinterIMG_3499WinterIMG_3506WinterIMG_3515WinterIMG_3520WinterIMG_5766WinterIMG_5769WinterIMG_5773WinterIMG_5789WinterIMG_5795IMG_5806IMG_6204IMG_6218IMG_6219IMG_6232IMG_6240Sommer IMG_6250Sommer IMG_6260IMG_6273IMG_6281IMG_6489IMG_6496IMG_6507IMG_6599IMG_6607IMG_6637IMG_7089IMG_7093IMG_7142IMG_7148IMG_7151IMG_7153IMG_7155IMG_7166IMG_7170IMG_8285WinterIMG_8328IMG_9134IMG_9683IMG_57881KringsalmKringsalmWinterKringsalmWinterKringsalmSANY0101KringsalmSANY0238KringsalmWinterKringsalmWinterKringsalmWinter
  • Geschichte der SennBar - Après-Ski-Lounge Obertauern, Seekarspitzbahn
    Kringsalm how it began
    The Kringsalm In the past 45 years a lot of things have changed. 1969/70 the Krings families startet a small restaurant...
  • Events in der Kringsalm, Obertauern - Silvester 2014
    New Years 2014
    We celebrated New Years at Kringsalm in Obertauern for the first time this year. In a cozy atmosphere, our...
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Après-Ski-Lounge with DJs

Kringsalm on the Seekarspitzbahn

HouseMannsKost – is what we call our new Après-Ski at the SennBar in Obertauern. Our Live-DJs will give you the best of Deep House, NuDisco and Indie Dance in a relaxed atmosphere at our outdoor bar. Take a break or Après-Ski to our DJs beats with mulled wine and champagne. The SennBar is a guaranteed good time.

Culinary Delights Directly on the Slope

Self-Service Restaurant & À La Carte-Restaurant in Obertauern

Skihütte, Après-Ski-Lounge, Restaurant in Obertauern - Kringsalm

Come visit the Self-Service Restaurant and the À la carte-Restaurant at Kringsalm in Obertauern! The stylish-alpine ski lodge is located in the sunny Seekar, directly on the slopes of the legendary Tauernrunde in the Obertauern Ski Area.


The self-service restaurant offers delicious specialities, daily specials and homemade desserts- ideal for a break in your day. The À la carte Restaurant Krings-Stüberl invites you to come enjoy an atmospheric hut evening with up to 55 people. Kids love the large snow playground, right next to the sun terrace in Obertauern.


You can reach Kringsalm via the slopes, the cross-country skiing track or a footpath from Obertauern.

Highest Quality in Obertauern

Certificate of ExcellenceWe are glad to provide our guests with the best food and drinks for an unforgettable experience with us. Thank you for the great reviews!

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